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Improve the Appearance of Your Upper Back with an Upper Body Lift

Dr. Rodolfo Castillo Calderón can target loose or sagging skin in the upper back with an upper body lift procedure at our Tijuana, Mexico, cosmetic surgery practice. With more than 10 years of experience as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Castillo has the necessary training and skills to create an appearance in the upper back that gives you confidence and a toned appearance. Excess skin and fat in the upper back can create rolls, especially for women, that spill out over bra straps and strapless dresses. Eliminating this unwanted fat and excess skin can restore your confidence in everything you wear. 

An upper body lift can eliminate the "rolls" that cause many men and women to feel self-conscious.

Is an Upper Body Lift Right for You?

Upper body lifts are most often performed for patients who have achieved massive weight loss following bariatric surgery or through diet and exercise. The procedure, however, can address excess skin and fat in the upper back for almost any patient. Ideal candidates must have reached their goal weight and are capable of maintaining that weight long-term. Fluctuations in weight can reverse the dramatic results of body contouring procedures like this.

Dr. Castillo has the necessary training and skills to create an appearance in the upper back that gives you confidence and a toned appearance.

In addition, we recommend patients quit smoking for a few months before surgery and ideally drop the habit for good. If patients have uncontrolled diabetes or other health concerns, they should address those prior to undergoing any cosmetic procedure. We also counsel our patients so they have realistic expectations going into the procedure. Patient satisfaction is one of our top priorities, and we want to set you up for success.

Combining Procedures

Patients who want to further enhance their results can combine their upper body lift with a breast lift, extended breast lift, or an extended arm lift. Upper body lifts are seldom performed as a standalone procedure. Most patients who have lost a substantial amount of weight need to address more than one area in the upper body. By combining these two or three procedures, patients can enjoy a slimmer and more toned upper body in general.

Upper Body Lift Recovery Period

An upper body lift may take up to four hours or more to complete, depending on the specific procedures you include and the extent of excess skin and fat you need removed. Once the procedure is complete, we will bandage all incisions and take you to a separate room to start your recovery. Incisions are created across the upper back and are usually positioned so that they are concealed by a bra.

Patients who undergo an upper body lift without any other procedures may need about two weeks off of work to recover. The total amount of time needed depends on the combination of procedures and the type of work a patient does. Patients who include an arm lift or breast lift may need two to three weeks off work and may have more limits on their activity levels for longer periods of time.

Improve the Appearance of Your Upper Back

If you want to say goodbye to rolls, contact our office to schedule online or call (619) 955-6866 from US or 664-634-7490 from Mexico to schedule a consultation. Dr. Castillo can help you achieve an appearance that helps you feel more confident and attractive than every before.

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